Getting Started as an Online Marketer in 2018.

Now that 2018 has already begun and you’re planning to get your idea online with a website or blog then you need to read this. A simple list of to-dos for those who are planning to get started as an Online Marketer in 2018.

Every business needs a website so that it could easily interact with different customers. A website acts as a link between the seller and the people who want to buy their products. But how to make search engines find your website especially when you are new in the field. Although every thing takes time and this too does. But what are step that you need to take for getting your new website in the search results as soon as possible.

Getting Started as an Online Marketer in 2018.

Getting Started as an Online Marketer in 2018.


1. Keyword Research

When you are ready with your website’s coding and designing, the first to get started with your content is finding the right keyword that people mostly search for, related to your niche. Keyword research helps you find the most relevant words and phrases that people search for and helps your website grow faster in the search results. You can use SEMrush and Ahrefs for doing proper keyword research.

2. Analyze your competition

After deciding your niche and doing keyword research, what to do next is check your competition and see what are they providing and how are they better than your stuffs. See what are they doing to promote their stuffs, are they providing free shipping, writing a blog, adding images and videos, and how often do they update.

3. Get Social

Being social is the most easiest thing in list of being “How to connect to your clients”. As we all know that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are ruling internet and are very convenient to use. Try to be as social as possible but use Social sites that are related to your niche for example- For a fashion boutique use facebook and for a content writing blog use twitter.

4. Use Webmaster Tools

Adding webmaster tools allows search engine sites to crawl through your website and show your site in its search results when someone searches for something that is related to your niche. Every search engine has its own set of webmaster tools and you need to add them one by one.

5. Adding Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to monitor your stats. It show you how many people searched for something related to you, how many of them visited your website and how many of them bought your products. Using Analytics you can easily see your highly ranked pages, low ranked pages and even know about your most searched keywords. This will help you to analyze your plus point and minus points and help you to rectify them.

6. Advertisement

SEM  (Search Engine Marketing) is the term here. Using paid advertisement plans you can easily attract customers who are looking for something related to your niche. Search engines focus mostly on those who pay for coming on the search results than the organic results. There are many websites that allows you publish your ads but the most reliable one is Adwords which shows ads on Google.


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