21 Best Content Marketing Tips for Startups

So are you ready with your startup? You must be. Now checkout the best content marketing tips for startups.

Promoting a Startup in a such crowd is not any easy task but you’ve to do it. You need to do everything for your Startup Marketing Plan. That everything includes-

  • Having an Online Presence
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • PR

But do you have a perfect strategy for all of it?

In this post I will tell you about 21 Easy Content Marketing Tips for Startups. Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your startup and create a bigger audience for your website.

More than 90% of startups use content marketing as their power weapon to get more visitors. The more visitors your website gets the more people know about your startup and the more conversions you get.

Content Marketing is a way more effective than Social Media Marketing. Through Social Media Marketing just about 5% of your Social Media Audience visits your website and 1-2% buy from you (if you are lucky enough).

There are many Benefits of Content Marketing in Startup Marketing, some of them are-

  • Creates Brand Awareness
  • You can talk to your audience through words.
  • Increases Organic Traffic.
  • People get more interested to know about your services.


21 Content Marketing Tips for Startups-


1. Setup a Company Website and a Blog.

The very first thing that you need to do is setting up a company website and a blog. The company website should be the static homepage for your URL.

Now you need setup a Blog Page that will show your latest posts. Give it a simple look and start adding posts that are related to your startup’s niche.

2. Write for real people.

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

This is the most common mistakes that blogger make, they write for the bots and not real people.

Yes, you need to rank higher on Search Engines and you need to take care of everything that helps you in it. But how bad it would be when someone checks out your post and immediately exits because of unsatisfactory information and hence increases your bounce rate. You won’t be able to continue ranking higher on search engines as well. Google will ultimately find that you are not worthy enough and Google loves its searchers.

So write fresh and  good content that can engage people and you’ll be ultimately find the right position in search engines. (Mix this idea up with a perfect marketing plan.)

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3. Consistency

Yep, you need to consistent. Imagine you follow a website, that website promises to post once a week and how disappointing it would be if it doesn’t do as promised.

People you are your real blog followers wait for your blog posts and if you fail in that, they will abadon your website. That is not good in any way for our startup’s marketing strategy.

You visitors are your future customers, never disappoint them. Create a writing schedule and maintain it. be consistent enough to catch up the changing trends in the industry.

4. Create an Audience.

Now you may not consider your new and one time visitor as your real audience, your real audience are the one who follow you regularly.

When you are sure that you have a scheduled writing plan then now its time to team up with email marketing. The people who subscribe you for your regular updates are you real audience.

Try to attract them, use lead magnets, provide them free ebooks or video tutorials and make them your subscribers.

Remember don’t try to make everyone your subscribers, you need to be specific with your field. Provide ebooks or anything that are related your niche.

5. Use Relevant Visuals.

Guide to Infographics Promotion

Guide to Infographics Promotion (Startup Marketing)


Images speak more than words do. No matter what you are planning that is either social media posts or blog posts, images add life to it.

Image rich content attract people more than on text based content does.

So don’t not forget to add relevant images in your posts. You can also use Infographics, graphs and charts rather than simple images.

I have seen my own posts that includes infographics get more social shares than those without it.

Not only social shares but infographics are self capable of getting more backlinks to your blog if promoted in the right way.

6. Create Content that Converts.

You must not forget that your content marketing strategy is one of the strongest pillar in your startup promotion strategy.

Use your content marketing skills to convert your readers into your customers. Tell them about a problem and show them how your services can help them to deal with the problem.

A good post with a good marketing strategy has potential to convert your visitors into your loyal customers more than any other means.

7. Use Titles that Attract.

Titles are the first impression that you put on searchers. You titles should be attractive enough to grab attention even if your blog is not on the top of the results.

Use buzzwords, jargon, numbers, etc, to get more attention.

But don’t cheat, just give a title is related to your post’s content.

8. Internal and Outbound Links.

Internal and Outbound links are the part of Google’s 200 ranking factors. So whenever you write a post, don’t forget to link another website’s post that is related to yours. Checkout the right informational post and the PA and DA of the website and link it to yours.

Internal linking is same as the name suggests. Link your own website’s relevant posts or service page in your every blog post.

9. Be present in the comment boxes.

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

I know the feeling when you get good comments on blog posts. Don’t let your comments go like that, use the opportunity and talk to your readers.

Talking through commentating is a great way of knowing about your readers, what they seek for and how can you help them.

Never let a comment die rather reply it as soon as you see it.

10. Solve by writing.

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Head up to Quora and search about the problems that people are having in your niche. Write blog posts about the solution and tell them that you have solved it.

Don’t forget to link your old posts.

11. On-Site SEO.

On-site SEO is the way of optimizing your webpages according to some guidelines to rank higher on search engines.

Some of the on-site SEO best practices are-

  • Keywords in the Page Title.
  • URL structure- Containing Keywords and small.
  • Includes Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4)
  • Internal Linking

Use all the good on-site SEO practices to rank higher in search engine results.

12. Keyword Research

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Keyword Research is a very important part of any content marketing strategy. Whenever you write a post or a page, you need have a good keywords strategy, so that your post can rank higher easily on search engines.

For new websites that needs organic traffic, I would prefer long tail keywords strategy. Although long tail keywords do not have great search volume but as a new website your first goal should be getting at least 100 view a day. For this you’ll need to use long tail keywords for fast results.

13. Guest Posts

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Having a new author for your website is a great idea. When someone writes for you, you get a new opinion and writing style. Moreover a new author will try to promote his/her content to their network as well and hence will promote your blog as well.

Allow Guest posting on your website. If you somehow manage to get a guest post by any of a well known author in your niche, that can be best thing in your content marketing strategy. The author must be having his/ her own list of followers, those followers will visit your blog read their favorite author’s content. They can even become your regular follower.

(Note- If you want to submit a Guest Post at our blog, contact us on hi@theistartup.com).

14. Website Speed

Many people ignore their page load speed. Even Google encourages users to maintain their page load time.

People hate websites that loads slower, 70% of the people will exit your website if it takes more than 4 secs to load.

If you want your visitors to comeback and checkout you new posts, you’ll also need to respect their time. Optimize you page load time to convert your visitors in your loyal readers.

15. Image Optimization

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

Content Marketing Tips for Startups

A huge traffic is surfing the web with google images and if you want to grab them then start optimizing your images.

Image optimization is very simple thing to do, all you need to do is-

  • Add relevant images only.
  • Lessen your image size.
  • Use keywords in alt tags.
  • Use keywords in caption.

16. Reuse Old Content

Don’t let your own content die. Every niche is changing with time and so your posts also need to be updates with time.

Update you old blog posts and use them in email marketing and social media marketing. Update them year wish to stay in search results.

17. Meta Description

Meta Description is the second impression that people get about your post after the Title. The description should be short that is of 1-2 sentences and must include your target keyword.

Meta Description is a very important point is Search Engine ranking and so it is important to focus on it because a meta description is for both bots and humans.

18. Readability

Tell me honestly, how many times do you check your Flesch Reading scores?

If you haven’t till now than let me tell you that it is also an important factor in Google’s Ranking factors. Check every posts Flesch reading scores, grammar and spelling. All of the three things are important for good rankings.

19. No Keyword Stuffing

If you think like the more keywords you add the more better rankings you get than stop thinking like that.

Yes it is good to add target keywords for the bots to understand about your post but that should be in limit. Use your target keyword around 2-3% of the whole word count. Don’t use less or more than that.

20. Competitor Check

Don’t forget your competitor, let him do their work and steal their strategy. Do check the most shared and high ranking posts that they have.

Know about what the public seeks from your industry, modify their content, use your own strategy to it and publish.

Never underestimate your competition, use the best tools to spy on them and give some time to do something better to get their audience too.

21. Promote your works

Share it everywhere, social media, personal groups, and everywhere. Use the power of social media and share what you’ve created and how can it help the people who need it.

Don’t be shy, social media is a platform to promote our own content without hesitation.

This is my list of 21 Content Marketing Tips for Startups , if you have a suggestion then do tell me in the comment box. I would love to hear from you. 🙂


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