5 New Spells to Increase Blog Traffic for Free.

5 New Spells to Increase Blog Traffic for Free.

5 New Spells to Increase Blog Traffic for Free.

We are in 2017 and heading toward 2018. There are just 3 more months left in the year. These 5 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic were the most recent and popular ways of Traffic increment in 2017 and now I can assure that more people are going to opt it in the upcoming year as well. So don’t get left behind and see the magic spells.

I know that you have heard many times about SEO, Social Media Management, PPC, etc in the list of ways to increase your Blog’s Traffic but in the post I will tell you about 5 new ways to increase Blog Traffic without spending a single penny.

Let’s get started with the First spell-


Increase Blog traffic Spell 1- Provide Free Video Courses.

Increase Blog Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic

You must have heard of Udemy. Udemy provides you a chance to create your own online courses and get huge list of your own students.

This is not just a way of doing the marketing of your brand plus you own name but also a hilarious way of earning more money.

So what you get from publishing a course in Udemy-

  1. Earn extra money and lot if your course goes viral.
  2. Create your own list of students and inspire them plus get a huge following.
  3. Get support from Udemy, take the advantage to their resources.

Now if you have decided to create your won online course the next question in your mind would be HOW?

  1. Choose your topic- You must decide your own inner talent first. The thing that you can teach to others.
  2. Create Course- Create your own videos, study materials, etc. Keep in mind that the better you teach the better you earn (fame+money). So your priority should be teaching.
  3. Connect with Student- Now that you are ready with your course, you need to share it to the world. Let them know about your course make it easy for them to find it.


Increase Blog Traffic Spell 2- Publish an eBook on Kindle and opt for 90-Day traffic plan.

Increase Blog Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic

Publishing an eBook was never so easy without Kindle. Writing a book was 100 times more easier than getting it published by some fancy publications but with Kindle you can publish it anytime and do the marketing of it by yourself.

More than 70% of the marketers are promoting their brands using this spell. Then why not you?

All you need to do is-

  1. Write an eBook on your niche.
  2. Get it a cover page.
  3. Publish it on Kindle.
  4. Select the 90 days Traffic Plan.

So when you are ready with your eBook, select 90 days free promotion plan. During these 90 days Kindle will make your book exclusive on Kindle store plus you can also opt for 5 days free selling of your book.

Now if you provide your book free for 5 days, you can conduct a contest at your own website. Start a contest and provide your eBook for Free as the prize.

Share about your contest with your social media audience moreover you can also use PPC advertisements to popularize you contest, ask them to tweet and post about your contest to get more points (Name it as Karma points). Select your winner at the time of free eBook selling period.


Increase Blog Traffic Spell 3- Outbound Links.


I know you know about this, Outbound Links are good SEO practice. But I want to add something more to this, like a cherry on cake. Whenever you link a website in your post, send them an email and let them know that you did.

You can also ask them to checkout your post and if they would like it they can share it with their audience as a favor.

This spell may not work all the time but their is no loss in trying.


Increase Blog Traffic Spell 4- Create and share Infographics.

Guide to Infographics Promotion

Guide to Infographics Promotion

Infographics are in high demand now a days. Visuals always seems better than simple text do.

What you need to do is-

  1. Create relevant Infographics.
  2. Post it on your website and Infographic Directories.
  3. Share it on Social Media.
  4. Ask the blogger of the same niche to checkout it out.

Creating Infographics seem difficult at first but there are many free online tools like Canva, Piktochart, etc, that makes it a lot easier.

When you get ready with your infographic, promote your infographic everywhere like on your website, infographic directories, social media, etc.

Send an email asking bloggers of the same niche if they want to see it and if they agree to see ask them to share it on their website and social media accounts.


Increase Blog Traffic Spell 5- Push Notification.


If you are not proving Push Notification then you are doing a huge mistake.

People are so much addicted to Push Notifications. Whats App, Facebook, Twitter, Push Notifications are everywhere. So why not your website is using it?

Push Notifications allows you to send notifications directly to your subscribers’ browsers (both mobile and pc). Whenever you add a new post it directly tells your subscribers that there is something new that they would like to check.

This may not directly work in increasing your website traffic but it helps in changing your new visitors to your permanent visitors.

Benefits of Web Push Notifications.

For 22 more Ideas of Increasing Blog Traffic- Grab a Free eBook.

Hope you like the post and if there is any query or suggestion, please feel free to use the comment box.


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