6 Best Twitter Marketing Tools to Try Right Now

A List of Top 6 Twitter Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs to create a better targeted audience on Twitter.

With Over 330 Million Monthly Active users, Twitter is the second most popular social networking website.

But have you made any use of it?

Do you know how to use Twitter for getting tons of traffic?

Well you might have your own Twitter Marketing Strategy but do you know what makes it different from all the other Social Networking Websites?

Twitter has the highest number of online tools related to it than any other social networking website.

Now it’s time to pick up the best of all Twitter Marketing Tools to boost up your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

11 Most Worthy Twitter Marketing Tools-

1. Socialoomph

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools

Have you heard about it? You must have if you love Social Media Marketing.

Socialoomph is a great tool to manage your social media accounts at one place. Socialoomph is basically made to boost your social media productivity. You can easily schedule tweets, track keywords, shorten urls, etc, and the best part is you can even manage up to 5 Twitter accounts even in the free version.

Not only for twitter but Socialoomph is very useful for maintaining your other social media accounts like facebook, pinterest and linkedin.

Some other uses-

  • DMs to new followers (automatic).
  • RSS feed for tweets.
  • Follow new followers. (automatic)

Wanna try? – Socialoomph

2. Tweroid

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools

Improve your performance and effectiveness with a strategical approach with Tweroid.

Do you know whats the best time to schedule your tweets so that they could reach the bigger audience?

Tweroid helps you to do the same. Unlike other scheduling tools, Tweroid analyses your 1000 followers and the decided the best time when they are most active so that you could tweet at the best times to get maximum impressions and hence retweets and likes.

See Tweroid in Action- Tweeroid.

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3. Socialert

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools

What if if you need to keep a check on your competitors and also monitor your account at the same time?

Need another hand, right?

Socialert will do do the job for you. It is a simple yet powerful Twitter Hashtag and Keyword analysis tool that has special power of tracking your competitor as well. Socialert helps you with-

  • Brand Monitoring- Analyze the top hashtags, brand keywords and use the information for creating a great marketing strategy.
  • Influencer Marketing- Find the most influential personalities in your niche and keep an eye on them.
  • Twitter Analysis- Analyze your Twitter activities in a better way then ever.

Say hi to Socialert.

4. Agorapulse

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools

Another great social media marketing tool that is useful more than one social media platforms. With Agorapulse you can easily-

  • Schedule Tweets and posts.
  • Monitor everything at one place.
  • Manage multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Share your social media management responsibilities.

Moreover Agorapulse also provides you a Chrome extension to make you work easier.

Click to check, Agorapulse.

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5. Buffer

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools

Buffer is always trending in the minds of marketers. Even the free version is damn popular.

Although Buffer is just a simple scheduling tool with some extraordinary features. Some of the are-

  • Schedule Tweets.
  • Tweet/Share you old tweets/posts again and again.
  • Get Tweets and posts reviews.
  • Not just for Twitter but for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc.

You don’t even need credit cards for using the free version, just sign in and start using.

Move on to Buffer.

6. TweetDeck

Twitter Marketing Tools

Twitter Marketing Tools

Managing even one Twitter account can be quite time consuming at times.

The reason why I love this simple tool is that it makes Twitter damn manageable in just one place.

TweetDeck combines all your Twitter activities like notifications, messages, latest tweets, etc, in one window. Moreover you can also add more columns to you window like mentions, trending, scheduled tweets, etc.

Tweet it with TweetDeck.

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