8 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Right Now

Are you a blogger who writes a lot of quality articles but doesn’t know how to promote it so that it could reach the bigger audience?

You can’t expect people to read and share your quality content unless you attract them towards it.

Blogging is not just about writing but also promoting the stuffs to the right audience.

Now for promoting your content you’ll need Content Marketing Strategies.

But how to do that?

In this post post i will be telling you about 8 Content Distribution Strategies to skyrocket your Content Marketing.

Let’s get started-

8 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Right Now

8 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Right Now

Turn Your Blog Posts into handy e-books.

This is one of my favorite methods of promoting my posts. All you need to do is convert your most amazing articles into e-books and share them.


  1. Head on to Google Analytics Page and check the post which has got the maximum number of visitors.
  2. You can also check the bounce and then select the best post.
  3. Go to Print Friendly and paste the URL of the desired post.

Content Distribution Strategies.

    Content Distribution Strategies.

4. Now just Download the PDF file.

You can use this either for promotion your content or can also use it like a lead magnet to convert your visitors into your subscribers.


Create and Share Infographics


I always like the idea of sharing visual content and especially Infographics. People prefer visual content more than only text-based content.

Use Tools like Canva, piktochart, etc, to create attractive infographics yourself. Canva is my favorite tool for this, you don’t even need any prior knowledge of designing or anything. But if you are sure about creating it yourself then you can also hire a Freelancer.

And lastly you’ll need to promote it and share it on infographic submission websites like Visual.ly.

You can also share it on Social Media websites.


The Art of Video Marketing

8 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Right Now

8 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Right Now

Video Marketing is trending right now. Video Marketing seems difficult at first but trust me it isn’t.

There are plenty of free and premium tools out there that you can use yourself to create videos.

You can either create video tutorials or just simple “how to do it” or even give you content a video format. YouTube will give you a lot of visitors because YouTube isn’t crowded with results like Google is.

Not just YouTube but you can also use other websites like Vimeo, Viddler, etc, to upload your videos.


Email Marketing

8 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Right Now

8 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Right Now

You just can’t ignore Email Marketing in your Content Distribution Strategies.

Create your own list of subscribers and send the emails regarding the new posts that you’ve added. Tell them via emails that how useful your post can be for them.

Use tools like MailChimp, AdWeber, Madmimi and start your email marketing campaign right now.




“The Front Page of Internet”

Every marketer keeps Reddit in their Content Distribution Strategies to promote their content.

Reddit gives around 85% more traffic to your website than any other social networking websites.

You may also get some negative comments their but as said you aren’t doing anything great unless you have haters.

So go to Reddit, create an account, get some karma points, find your Subreddits and start posting.

All the Best!


Social Media Marketing still rocks!

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

8 Content Distribution Strategies to Try Right Now

How can we ignore Social Media in our Content Distribution Strategies?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, are the power weapons of today’s generation.

Create a good Social Media Marketing Strategy and don’t hesitate to share your content there.

Use 2-3 platforms and not all because it can confuse you a lot.

But remember that Social Media never sleeps and you’ll also need to be active there. Just start using automation tools like Buffer, HootSuite, etc. to schedule your content.

Also read- 9 Free Startup resources of Entrepreneurs.

The Writers’ Medium


Medium is just not a content sharing platform but a lot more than that. You can make yourself a successful writer just by unleashing the whole potential of Medium.

The best part of Medium for me that you can also share your posts that have already been shared somewhere else and Google won’t say that Plagiarism.

So be active on Medium and republish all you contents on it and also add a little bar in your articles that will allow you reader to be your blog’s subscribers.


Share a hand with Quora


Another great Content Distribution Platform.

Create an account on Quora and start helping those who need it.

Don’t try to help everyone but just decide you topic of expertise and find the people who need your help.

Share your knowledge, try to exaggerate it and start following the influencers. Create you own list of followers and be active.

This will just not increase your Blog’s traffic but will also allow you to create your own group of real followers from your niche.

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