9 Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business in 2018

2018 has already begun and every marketer is set to start their new strategies and plans in the new year for taking their businesses to next level. Now if we are talking about Social Media Marketing Strategies then how can we ignore Instagram?

Yes. you need to take care of your Instagram Marketing Strategies as well. But what should you do for increasing your followers and engagement rates? Is there any Instagram Hacks for Followers?

There might not be any certain set of hacks but there are obviously some Tips and Tricks that can be used for increasing your followers and engagement rates.

But do you know How to use Instagram for Marketing ? In this post I will tell you about 11 Instagram Tips & Tricks that you can use for your Business in 2018.

Now lets check out the Instagram Marketing Secrets to double up your followers.

9 Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business in 2018-


1. Bio Section

The first thing that any Instagram user would notice about your Profile is your “Bio”. If you have a good bio in your profile then there is a way more chances of people visiting your profile and then get converted to your follower.

Use bio to tell about your brand and how is it different from other similar brands. But remember that you have only 150 characters to explain that.

More Instagram Tricks Bio.

2. Use a Proper Hashtag Strategy

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

Hashtags are the main source of people to reach you out. You must be aware of the related hashtags of your niche. Unlike twitter you can even use 20-30 hashtags in every post.

Finding hashtags is really easy, you can find people of your niche and get the used hashtags, you can also Google the best hashtags related to your niche.

Instagram Hashtag Strategy,

3. Find Influencers of your Niche

Influencers are everywhere and the more influencers you get to engage with the more it helps to promote your brand.

You need to find the influencers of your niche and then follow them and try to build relationships. I know that building relationship with influencers is not an easy task. You’ll have take different steps for that. It is also possible sometimes that an influencer may find your products interesting but that is just next to impossible.

How to Build Relationship with Influencers.

4. Build a Community

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

Not just the influencers but you need to build a community of the people of your niche as well. Find similar people and follow them, many of them will also follow you.

You can also ask them to test your product or the service you provide by giving them a sample product or a free trial of your service. This will help you a lot to create a brand awareness and get more people to review about your products on Instagram.

How to Build a Community on Instagram.

5. Be Consistent

This is the point that you’ll need to follow for every social media platform. Social Media is always on and you need to be consistent on it.

Upload at-least 1-2 posts on Instagram everyday. Create a daily schedule for your Instagram posts.

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6. Try to get People Review your Products

This is what I got to know from a well known Instagram Marketer. She used to promote her products by asking her friends who had a huge Instagram followers. She convinced them to review their products on Instagram and get more sales.

Even if you don’t have a huge list of followers right now, you can still ask some people to review your products and promote it.

7. Run an Instagram Contest

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

This can be the power weapon among all your Instagram Tricks to get followers. Host a simple contest and provide a prize that is related to your niche.

How to Run an Instagram Contest.

8. Be Responsive

Never let a comment die. Be always there for your followers and answer their queries. Not everyone will ask you through Direct Messages but many of your followers will talk to you through comments.

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9. Share your Instagram Pics on Different Social Media Platforms

Use your other profiles to share your Instagram pictures and get more people to follow you. No you don’t need to share all the pictures but just the little different ones.

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

Instagram Tips & Tricks for Business

Also ask people to follow your instagram account by linking it to your other social media accounts.

  • Moss Clement

    Hi Charu,

    Great article. Love your site as well. The tips you presented for brands and marketers to grow their businesses in 2018 are stunning, and if implemented correctly, they’re certainly going to skyrocket their businesses.

    However, the tip I took special note of is the concept of being consistent on the platform as well as in content creation.

    In fact, I have always advocated the idea of being consistent in almost all my articles including those that I wrote for clients. Consistency is remarkably because it helps you build trust and credibility with your audience.
    It presents you as an expert in your niche, and also help you gain more prospects.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • The iStartup

      Thanks Moss, I will always try to keep your tip in mind and will also try to be more consistent.

  • Moss Clement

    Bytheway, I figured that the last post on your other website, “theistartup.com” is months back. Are you abandoning that site and focusing on this one instead?

    • The iStartup

      I have not abandoned the website rather that is the main page. This is just the blog page of that website only.

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