The Complete Guide to Blogspot SEO Tips

The Complete Guide to Blogspot SEO Tips

The Complete Guide to Blogspot SEO Tips

I started Blogging when I was just 12. I heard about some celebrity using Blogspot for writing about his daily life and I was curious to know more about it. The more I used the more I learned about Blogspot SEO Tips.

Blogpost was the first platform where I started to write and post. Blogspot is easy, free and very simple way of Blogging. Many people think that using blogspot would never help them in ranking higher on Google but that’s just a myth. Blogger is a part of Google and Google won’t do injustice to all the Bloggers.

The only loop holes in Blogger is just a little ugly URL Moreover you don’t get those widgets, thousands of theme and support like you get on WordPress. But that doesn’t mean that you can succeed as a Blogger using Blogspot.

All you need to do is optimizing your Blog Posts and theme in the correct way to rank higher on Google. As you all know that Blogger is free and hence there is no harm in giving it a try at least then when you are not ready to spend on domain name and hosting.

Just Go to Blogspot, create a blog using your Gmail account and start posting.

But how to optimize your Blog Posts so that search engines would rank it higher in minimum time possible?

You’ll need to do your Blog’s SEO that is not so easy as it is on WordPress because there is “NO Yoast SEO Plugin for Blogger. ”

Then How?

Read this article on The Complete Guide to Blogspot SEO Tips for Bloggers to rank Higher on Search Engines.

The Complete Guide to Blogspot SEO Tips

Website Optimization

Blogspot SEO Tips

Blogspot SEO Tips

Website Optimization is the way of setting up your website’s basic details to according to the search engine guidelines so that it could rack higher.


  1. Blog’s Name- After you have decided the niche for your Blog, now you need to decide the name. As you have chosen blogger is a must for you so you need to think of something that is short, meaningful, remember-able and most importantly available.
  2. Description- Use a short and simple description that tells about your Blog.
  3. Theme- There are some basic themes that are available by Blogspot but if you don’t like the you can also upload your own theme. You may download different online themes according to your niche and copy paste the source code.

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Content Optimization for Search Engines.

Blogspot SEO Tips

Blogspot SEO Tips

Content Marketing is a very powerful pillar of a perfect marketing strategy. There are several benefits of content marketing for any online startup.

You need to optimize your every blog post very strategically to rank higher in the search engines. There are some Blogspot SEO Tips that would help you in content optimization for your posts.


  1. Keyword Research-There is no way that you can ignore Keyword Research for Content Marketing. Head on to SEMRush, or Ahrefs to do a little research for the best suited keyword for your post.
  2. Post Title- Post Title are the first impression of your Blog Post. Now that you know your keyword just add it in the under first two or three phrases of the whole title.
  3. URL Optimization (Permalink)- Change you URL by selecting Custom URL rather than Automatic and add your target keywords in the URL.
    Blogger SEO Tips

    Blogger SEO Tips


  4. Heading- Add a heading that includes your Targeted Keyword.
  5. Targeted Keyword Density- That’s an important point, use your targeted keyword in your post for around 1-2% of the total word count. Don’t make it more than 2.5% because that called keyword stuffing.
  6. Internal Linking- Link your blog posts to each others. Just add the links of relevant posts to every posts. Don’t link more than 3 posts.
  7. Outbound Links- Use Outbound links in your blog posts, it is a good SEO practice but also remember to use “nofollow” so that the search engines won’t get influenced for the hyperlinks ranking in search engines. In Blogger, you can do so by using the HTML view of the post and the adding ” rel=”nofollow” ” attribute just nest to the link. After adding this the search engines wont crawl to hyperlink.
  8. Labels- Labels are something similar to categories in WordPress and most of the blogger ignore this. Labels help to categorize your blog posts and also tells blogger about the related posts. Use variety of labels don’t bring everything under one or two categories.


Image Optimization

Blogspot SEO Tips

Blogspot SEO Tips

  1. Alt Tags- to make search engines find your image, you need to add “alt tag”. Use your targeted keyword in alt tag.
    Blogspot SEO Tips

    Blogspot SEO Tips


  2. Title Text- Title text should also contain the targeted keyword.
  3. Caption- Add caption related to the image.
  4. Size- Images can be big in size and can result to slow page speed. This only doesn’t make your visitors leave but also not liked by Google’s Panda Algorithm. Use online tools like Yahoo Smushit to optimize your images size and make it small in bytes.

Comments Section

This is just a quick tip, add your keywords to every comment that you reply. This will also help you to rank higher. To avoid Spam comments use No-Follow.

Search Engine Submission

It doesn’t matter that you are using a free blogging platform. You can still submit your Blog to all the Search Engines. Submit your Blog to Google Webmasters, Bing (Yahoo) webmasters, Baidu and Yandex to get more traffic through different Search Engines.

Social Media Marketing

Blogspot SEO Tips

Blogspot SEO Tips

Although Social Media Marketing is not a part of SEO but still important for rankings indirectly.

  1. Use 2-3 Social Media Platforms to promote you Blog and it’s contents.
  2. As there is an option of automatic posting on Google+ through Blogger, use it and post it to get more traffic via Google+.

I would like to remind you again that Google or other search engines never differentiates between a custom domain and a Blogspot or WordPress Free blogs. If you have good content and decide to work hard, Blogger may help you create a huge audience and hence money.

Moreover there is one more advantage of Blogger, as Blogger is a free blogging platform, you can get a custom domain name and use Blogger as a Free Hosting Provider.

WordPress also provide free blogging platform but unlike Blogger is won’t allow you to use it for Custom domain with it’s hosting for Free.

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