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Is Email Marketing Dead?

No, it isn’t. Some people do say that email marketing is not in the same state that it used to be. But what I think is that Email Marketing just needs a little modification.

People often think that social media marketing is the best way to find more leads but then why the marketers spend so much time and money in creating a huge subscribers’ list?

Email Marketing has still the highest CTR (Click Through Rates) than any other marketing practices.

So what’s the problem?

There are basically two problems that is destroying the reputation of Email Marketing. The first one that is for the receivers is the more number of spam emails than the important ones.

The second one that is for the marketers (senders) is creating a huge plus targeted subscribers’ list. Creating a list that will convert people into their customers or regular readers is a too time taking process.

Now this needs to change.

EMMARES- A single and unique solution for both the problems.


(Source -EMMARES.io)

What is EMMARES?

EMMARES – Email Marketing Rewarding System is an evaluation system that highly benefits email marketers (senders) as well as email recipients (basically everyone who uses email).


So in simple words EMMARES is an email marketing rewarding system that will allow marketers to send emails only to those people who are interested in their niche i.e. the targeted people without spending too much time in creating their own lists.

EMMARES will also benefit the receivers by just sending them valuable content and not the useless (spam) content.

And this is not it.

When you register with EMMARES as a receiver , you can rate content according to their value and in return you’ll get EMA tokens. You can either exchange the tokens or can use it for EMMARES service. Also you using crypto payment services you can use them for online payments.

When you rate content you contribute to their spam reduction system so that the system can organize content according to their ratings (spam or useful).

Moreover in this way you’ll not need to subscribe to individual websites rather EMMARES will allow you to get the best content over the web in your inbox according to your field of interest.

Thus the system is useful for both Receivers and Senders.

For more details check out official website.


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