How to create Backlinks for a new Website?

Are you stuck with How to create backlinks for your Website?

How to create Backlinks for a new Website?

How to create Backlinks for a new Website?

I can understand that. A new website has many things to deal with and creating quality backlinks is an important part of any Online Marketing Strategy.

Today let’s see how to create backlinks for a new website: 4 Super Easy Ways.

How to Create Backlinks Strategy #01. Guest Posting –

The very old way for creating backlinks for any kind of website. I know you have heard this a lot of times but do know the easiest way of guesting for getting quality backlinks.

What if, if you can create your own post and can easily get it reviewed and hence get a quality backlink?

Sounds good!

There are many online platforms like medium, yourstory, etc that allows you to write your own post and get it published.

Few days back, I wrote a post of “21 Free Startup resources for Online Marketing” and just after getting published it ranked 2nd on Google Results.

The post contained a backlink to

So create a good post, submit it on some platforms like Medium and YourStory and get a quality backlink for your website.

How to Create Backlinks Strategy #02. Steal your Competitor’s Backlinks-

Do you have any idea of who your competitors are?

If yes, do a little research of their backlinks. Use tools like Alexa, SEMRush and Ahrefs, to know their backlinks.

I know you need to save more , so lets use SEMRush’s free version for now. You can also use Alexa to know the top 5 Backlinks of any website for free.

Go to SEMRush.

Register for a free account.

Search for your Competitor’s website.

Check the backlinks.

See if you can get steal some backinks.

Now check the website’s contact details.

Write to them,

Hello [Name]

I just wanted to tell you that you really have some awesome stuffs on your blog.

Recently I checked on of your blog posts, [Name of the post]. I must say that it was very well written. I just wanted to tell you that I have also some similar kind of contents at my blog [Name+Link].

If you have some time give it a look and it will be great if you could quote it somewhere at your blog.


[Your Name]

This works a lot of time but don’t be upset if it doesn’t work.

Now lets move on to the next step.

How to Create Backlinks Strategy #03. Do a healthy link exchange.

What does a link exchange means?

Link exchange is nothing else but a exchanging links between two similar kind of websites.

First Step- Find a website that writes similar posts like you.

Second Step- Find their contact email.

Third Step- Write to them.

Hello [Name],

I just wanted to tell you that you really won a great blog and I love your content.

One more thing I wanted to ask you, are you interested in a healthy link exchange?

If yes, then we could do it. My website is [name] and it has similar audience like yours. If we do a link exchange, our audience can be greatly helped by it. If interested, reply on the same mail id.


[Your Name]

I have used it a lot of times and it really works most of the times.

How to Create Backlinks Strategy #04. Create and share Infographics

Infographics are the best way to attract more visitors to your website.

Although at first it seems very difficult to create Infographics but once you get started , it becomes a very easy task.

How to create Infographics-

The best and the easiest way to create infographics according to me is using Canva. When you start with Canva, you don’t need and prior knowledge of designing or anything else but just how to use you computer and internet.

Go to Canva.


And get started.

There are thousand of templates available, all you need to do is editing them. Moreover if you can’t find something satisfying you can also create your own from scratch.

But if you are not in a mood to create infographics yourself, you can hire freelancers. Now that you are done with creating Inforgraphics, upload it.

20 Website to share Infographics.



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