8 Ideas for Online Business- Facts and Myths in Reality

Ideas for Online Business

Ideas for Online Business

Thinking about the most suitable Ideas for Online Business but have no idea of how to get started or how much time will it take for getting the first income?

This article on 8 Ideas for Online Business is perfect for those who wish to grow online and start earning.

Ideas for Online Business are not so non-famous now. Almost everyone knows that there are a lot of opportunities out there to earn through internet. But there might be some confusion about what to do and how much time will it take to give you profits.

In this article I will tell you about 7 Ideas for Online Business that you can start now and how much time you’ll need to wait for getting the real income.

Let’s get started with the first idea (my favorite one!).

8 Ideas for Online Business- Facts and Myths and how much time does it take to start earning.


Ideas for Online Business

Ideas for Online Business

Blogging is the art of penning down your inner stuffs and then shouting it out through your blog. Blogging doesn’t need any certification or degree, all it needs is a little knowledge of something. You can also blog about your daily experiences, just provide realistic and fresh content.

Facts- But if you take blogging as your main career option, you can’t expect immediate results. Earning through blogging takes time. You’ll need to gather people who will read and share your articles. It will take at least 6-12 months to get your first income that too if you are consistent and dedicated enough. Moreover you’ll need to setup your blog and add any ad services to it for earning.

Myths- If someone says that they got thousands of views and subscribers with some trick or hack, its absurd. I am not saying that it is not possible for someone who has already been a consistent blogger for years but for someone who is new, it is just next to impossible.

It may take 6-12 months that too if you’re consistent, hard working and innovative.

YouTube Channel

Ideas for Online Business

Ideas for Online Business

YouTube is the second most searched website after Google. Many people have got their stardom with YouTube and it charges nothing for starting up new channels. :). There is no harm in starting yours then. For creating a YouTube channel, you’ll need a topic to make videos on, camera, mic, streaming tool or if you want to create something like an animated video, you’ll just need a proper software or tool.

Facts- YouTube can really make you a star, if you create something really interesting, that people would love to view. There also you’ll need a ad provider to get paid. The more videos you add, the more people will watch and hence the more you’ll earn.

Myths- 90% of the YouTube channels get no income. People like videos that are really creative and that is the main challenge here. I have seen many people who talk about YouTube a power weapon but in reality they don’t even have more that 100 subscribers.

So if you really wish to get started with YouTube, you’ll need a good idea and a proper strategy. YouTube is not as simple as it seems to be. It may take months or even years of hard work and consistency to earn through YouTube but who knows you might become an overnight star.

Social Media Marketer

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Ideas for Online Business

Social Media is another way of being a star even if you don’t belong to a star family or even if you don’t have enough money to buy a car :p. Social Media has made millions of people known for their work. Companies and Businesses seek good Social Media Marketer to skyrocket the Social Media Marketing Strategies. They need great Social Media audience to promote their brands and services, even individual hire personal Social Media Marketer to promote themselves.

Facts- Almost every startup hires Social Media Marketer to promote themselves. You’ll get a regular salary for the job. This job might be a job from home even. The salary is good and you’ll not even need to wait for months to get your first income but you’ll get in just a month after joining like the other jobs provide.

Myths- As there is no certain degree for a Social Media Marketing Expert, there is huge rush in the field. Moreover if you have a great social media audience, it doesn’t mean that you can help others to get the same. It needs an experience of years to become a perfect strategist.

As its a job like thing, you just need to find a job of Social Media Marketer and start earning.

Virtual Assistant

Ideas for Online Business

Ideas for Online Business


Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the new trend in the industry. Startups hire Virtual Assistants when they need to hire someone temporary. This is useful when startups need to save money and get the best person for some certain jobs.

Facts- Virtual Assistants are better than Personal Assistants when there is a need of a budget strategy. Virtual Assistants does their job sitting at their homes, you don’t need to go to office. As there is no bond, you can also quit the job anytime.

Myths- If you think that Virtual Assistants’ job is very popular then you might be wrong, people still trust on personal assistants more than VAs. To get a VAs job you’ll need to be very patient and start finding the job right now.

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Ideas for Online Business

Ideas for Online Business

Freelancers are the people whom people hire to do certain jobs without hiring them on a long term basis. Finding a freelancer is very easy and so is working like a freelancer. There are many Freelancing Websites that can help you to get a job like a freelancer.

Facts- Freelancing is easier than a Full-time job, here you are your own boss. You can place gigs for the projects you wish to work at.

Myths- “Finding a job as a Freelancer is easy!”, this is the biggest myth. Finding a job as a Freelancer is really difficult when you are just starting. You need a good resume and a perfect gig. Another myth is that you are your own boss but you are the employ to many bosses.

You may find jobs quickly or take time, it depends upon your gigs and resume.

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App Developer

Ideas for Online Business

Ideas for Online Business

Apps are everywhere, people need apps for every single thing. What if you decide to be an App Developer, the first thing that comes in mind is How? Of Course you’ll need to learn the Android basics and some coding.

Facts- Even if you are not a pro coder or have no prior knowledge of coding, you can start from scratch. There many websites that can teach you coding and designing apps.

Myths- Do you think that designing and developing apps is it? No there are more things. More than 80% of the apps remain unknown even after getting uploaded to Google Play.

Think about it, you need to do a lot more than just developing an app to earn the real money.

Learning designing and developing can take months depending upon your consistency.

Website Developer

Ideas for Online Business

Ideas for Online Business

Just like App Developing, website developing also need some knowledge of coding. You can learn website developing from many websites.

Facts- You can learn from scratch. You can either work like a Freelancer or can join some company’s website developing team.

Myths-” Website developing is dead and everyone uses WordPress or any similar platforms”, no its not dead, there are many websites that needs website developers and designers to run their website.

Learning designing and developing can take months depending upon your consistency.

Affiliate Marketer

Ideas for Online Business

Ideas for Online Business

Affiliate Marketing basically means to promote something of a particular brand that you are affiliated to and then getting profit when someone buys through you.

Facts- Affiliate Marketing really works. There are many online companies that you can get affiliated to and then help them selling their products and eventually earn commissions. Flipkart and Amazon are two of them.

Myths- You can’t just be an affiliate marketer and start earning. You’ll need a platform through which you can approach thousands of people from which 10-12 may buy through that link. You’ll also need to gain trust so that people consider your recommended products.

Some of the ways to earn trust so that people might buy your recommended products are Blogging, popularity at Quora, social media marketing, etc. It may also take several months, if you’re starting from scratch.


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