How to Improve Your Local Business Ranking on Google


How to Improve Your Local Business Ranking on Google

Local Business Ranking

Local Business Ranking

Your business is a mere idea if it doesn’t do any transactions. A transaction will never happen on its own if the product is not marketed to consumers.

The idea of advertisement begins with the greed of businessman to make more transactions, the more you advertise the more you sell.

There are a lot of ways to advertise your business but broadly it is classified into outbound and inbound marketing.

Business with deep pockets can try out outbound marketing ideas without a second thought, as their primary concern is brand visibility not immediate transactions on the other hand small businesses don’t want visibility but sales within their budget and some SMEs are exploring an opportunity to do free advertisement online.

The cost of inbound marketing is cheaper and targeted which drives sales more than visibility.

The influx of different online mediums brought many innovative ways to market your business to service seekers. Google Local is one such medium where you can list out your business for free and drive sales for free.

Businesses are giving more importance to rank their articles or website in the search results for the selected keywords but the same importance is not given to local search rankings.

Getting ranked higher on Google local is as important as getting ranked on Google search result page.

There are few experimented techniques for businesses to get ranked higher in search results.

Here I am putting down all those techniques to help your business get higher visibility.

1.Follow the same citation everywhere.

The citation is nothing but your business name, address, and Phone number, it has to be same in all the places wherever you are mentioning your business NAP (NAP-Name, Address and Phone Number).

Following uniform citations in your website, paid listings, local listings or in any earned mentions will help you to rank higher than your competitor in the same locality.

To maintain the uniformity note down a single format in a word file and use the same in future.

Start maintaining a separate excel sheet to note the websites wherever you are mentioning your business NAP this will help you to replace all at once if you are changing the physical location.

2. Prominent Business gets higher ranking.

Google will look for good words about your business in other websites and in review sites.

Based on the ratings and reviews your business rank higher than your competitor. Reviews are becoming two-way communications now take an opportunity to take with your clients.

It is important to have more positive reviews so encourage your existing customers to give a positive feedback in forums or collect the testimonials and publish it on your own site.

Use social media monitoring tool mention to get alert if someone mentions your business name anywhere online.

If it is mentioned in a positive manner then thumbs up else dive in and try to solve their query and request them to remove the negative feedback.

3. Be Relevant and Accurate

This is an important factor.

73% of consumers lose trust in a brand if its listings contain inaccurate information. Don’t let bad data keep them from your business – Moz Local

Google makes sure the end result is relevant to what a user is searching for.

While signing up for Google business make sure you have selected the right category and perfect description of your business. Add more fresh business images.

Again follow the citation rule here also.

Google shows the business relevant to the keyword and nearby to the user’s location. The closer the distance from the buyer’s location the higher the ranking is.

Pinpoint exact business location on the map and use the exact physical location while registering on Local.


4. Use Moz Local to Monitor the Listing

Once your local business is verified by Facebook or Google register your business on Moz Local, Moz will make your business reach all the local search engines, listing sites and your customers.

From a single dashboard, you can fix the errors or change the information on all the listed sites.

Moz local analysis your data and keep alerting you the area of improvement a great tool to improve your local ranking in search result.

These are the four simple ways to improve your local business rankings.

If you know any please comment down we will add it to make the post better.


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