The Lazy Entrepreneurs’ List of Free Marketing Tools.

The Lazy Entrepreneurs’ List of Free Marketing Tools.


The Lazy Entrepreneurs' List of Free Marketing Tools

The Lazy Entrepreneurs’ List of Free Marketing Tools

No! No! Don’t get me wrong. I know Entrepreneurship can never befriend with Laziness. What I mean here is sometimes we are so tired with all the works of our Startup that we totally get exhausted and still we need to do some Online Marketing for our web presence.

There we use our Entrepreneurial senses to do our job without fainting or getting sick.

Internet has already made us too dependable on online tools for a lot of things then how can we fail to use Internet for our Online Marketing stuff.

So to get your mind and body a little rest, I have created a mini list of 10 Free Marketing Tools that will help on the day when none else could.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

A hectic day but I need to write something for my Blog, my brain is not working with the same level of intelligence as it does every day. A cup of coffee and then Portent’s Idea Generator.

What I do is think about a simple thing or topic that I master about then this free tool helps me get a great heading for my next viral article.

Doesn’t it sound easy and great? (Tell me in the comment box.)


Most of you might be using this tool for scheduling your Social Media posts and tweets. So let me gather it up in few lines.

Buffer is a great tool for your Social Media Marketing Strategy. With Buffer you can easily schedule your tweets and posts in the best timings of the day when your tweets and posts are supposed to get maximum engagement rates.

Although the tool if not totally free but allows you use it’s limited features in the free version.

You can also use Hootsuite, it’s another great tool.

The Lazy Entrepreneurs' List of Free Marketing Tools

The Lazy Entrepreneurs’ List of Free Marketing Tools.


An Entrepreneur’s virtual life needs to be organized. Evernote helps you to keep your work effortlessly organized. With Evernote you can-

  • Write, capture and collect ideas as checklists, notes, to-do lists etc.
  • Attach Docs, PDFs and photos.
  • Organize your bills, receipts, etc.
  • Sync everything.

So for keeping your ideas in mind, organizing them in a perfect manner, you need to checkout this app.



Email Marketing is a very important part of any marketing strategy. You need to advertise your brand and stay in touch with your subscribers through a perfect Email Marketing Strategy and for this you need MailChimp.

MailChimp is the best Free Email Marketing Automation tool to schedule your emails for your subscribers.

Email Marketing is the best and most trustworthy way of online marketing because it get the highest CTR among all the ways of Online Marketing.

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Survey Monkey

I have to admit that a client’s opinion is very crucial to any brand or entrepreneur. Their opinions doesn’t tells us about our flaws of plus points but also helps us to know what else do they need from us and how can we develop ourselves.

Survey Monkey helps us to do the job. It helps to create amazing surveys in a very easy and simple way. All we need to do is create a survey and share it to our clients. That’s it!

It might not be a very famous tool but creating a great social media audience is also a part of any Online Marketing Strategy.

You need to know about your followers, unfollowers, retweeter etc. You need to keep an eye on all the ongoing things on all your social media accounts. makes it easy for you to do all the jobs from one place. Just link your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account to it and create your own Social Media Marketing Strategy accordingly.


The reason behind adding Pocket in the list is sometimes when I don’t get time to read an online article but want to keep it for next time, I use Pocket.

With Pocket’s Chrome extension I could easily add any online article to keep it for next time whenever I get free.

Moz Keyword Explorer

I love this keyword research tool. Keyword Research is compulsory for any Content Marketing Strategy. But to be honest it takes a lot of time at-least in my case.

There are many other awesome tools like SEMRush for the same job but I like Moz’s because it’s simple style.

It tells you about the keyword’s monthly search volume, difficulty to rank, opportunity and priority. In the corner it also shows the PAs and DAs of the top search results.


Another special tool for me to explore the top shared posts of my competitor’s website and mine too.

Whenever I get blank for ideas, it is one of my favorite tools that I use. I just check for my top competitor’s website and check for what can I write to get more engagement rates on social media.

BuzzSumo is just not a Social Media Marketing Tool but a lot more than that.

The iStartup

Free Marketing Tools

Free Marketing Tools

How can i miss this in my list of Free Marketing Tools? Of course The iStartup is the best way of taking care of your Online Marketing.

With The iStartup you can get a team of Professional Virtual Marketing Assistants to do your job. You might not trust on us at once but can try our Free Plan to know how we work and whether we are good for your brand or not?

There is no harm in using our Free Plan but there are chance that you get benefited by us.

We’ll take care of your Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and many other stuffs that you need for your

online growth.

Know more about The iStartup.


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