Lead Magnet for Beginners (Get your first 100 Subscribers)

Are you a a new Blogger who is having a lot of troubles building his/her list of subscribers?

Don’t worry this is very common issue for every newbie. As I always say that Blogging is all about experimenting new things.

In this post I will tell you about How a simple Lead Magnet gave me more than 100 Subscribers in just 7 Days and how can you do it too.

Now let’s get started with the definition of Lead Magnets.

What is a Lead Magnet?

In simple words, a lead magnet is something that the marketers or the bloggers offer in exchange of email addresses.

Lead Magnet are generally like ebooks, guides, video tutorials, etc.

You can easily grow your subscribers’ list in exchange of something that is really valuable.

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Creating a Blockbuster Lead Magnet-

Before you start creating you next Lead Magnet, you’ll need to answer these question-

  1. What can I provide that can help my targeted audience?– You need to decide that what can offer to them. Think about your targeted audience, dig a little about what they need and how can you help them with that.
  2. What kind of lead magnet should I create? -You can create a Guide, ebook, video tutorials, etc., whatever suits you the best.
  3. Should I use it on my blog or social media platforms or both?- If you are a newbie than you won’t be getting a lot of traffic on your blog and before converting people into subscribers, you need to have some visitors. Social Media is the best way to promote your lead magnets.
  4. Which social media platform is the best suited according to my niche?- Find one or two social media platforms that has the maximum number of active targeted audience.

After you prepare the answers to these questions, you’ll be ready to create an irresistible lead magnet.

Here are some of the best examples of lead magnets working on different websites-

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet (Backlinko)

The Lead Magnet that Brian Dean uses on Backlinko.

When you enter Backlinko the first thing that you’ll see is this lead magnet, a simple lead magnet that provides a set of Brian’s favorite SEO Tips and Tricks in exchange of emails.

Lead magnet

Lead Magnet (Wistia)

This Lead Magnet allows you to see the full video after you enter your email address. A tool named Wistia can be used to create such lead magnets.

Lead Magnet

I don’t know the website where this is active but I like the idea. How about a lead magnet that provides a free trial of your product in exchange of email addresses?

Lead Magnet

The iStartup’s Lead Magnet.

This is the Lead Magnet that I use in The iStartup’s Blog. This was just an experimental lead magnet that allowed my subscribers to get access to my 85% of best business hacks that I use to promote my blog and in just 3-4 days it gave me around 25 new subscribers.

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Tips to create a Lead Magnet-

  1. Use visuals and try to make it visually attractive.
  2. Use numbers, stats, etc.
  3. Keep it quick, people don’t like to answer a lot of questions. Use 1-2 questions maximum.
  4. Be specific about your call-to-action.
  5. Don’t use too much opt-ins but just use one and don’t annoy your visitors.

After you have decide the blueprint of your Lead Magnets now you need the best tools for creating it-

Tools that can help you in the quest-

  1. Sumo (I use it)
  2. Opt-in Monster (Paid but the best one for WordPress)
  3. Wistia (When you offer a video)
  4. WP Forms
  5. TypeForm
  6. Google Forms

Here is post by Optin Monster about 30 Tools to Create Effective Opt-in Landing Pages.

And here is the last step that you need,

Promoting Your Hero (Lead Magnet).

As this guide if for Beginners, you need to find a place where you can promote your lead magnets. You are a newbie and you probably aren’t getting a lot of traffic on your website (I assume that) so how will you get people to get converted to your subscribers?

You need to use Social Media. Social Media is the best place to find active people who are ready to get some valuable content.

So have you decided the best social media platform according to your niche?

Let me help-

  1. Decide a platform, if your niche is related to visual content, use sites like Instagram & Pinterest and if you have a business that is somehow related to marketing and advertising use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. Be active on the decided platform for at least 2-3 weeks before launching the lead magnet.
  3. Use Private messages to refer your lead magnets to people who might be interested in that.
  4. Don’t just talk about your offer once publicly but also share about it 2-3 times because you don’t want interested people to miss your post.

Now you don’t need to forget your blog completely but you can also use your Lead Magnet on your Blog so that your visitors don’t miss the offer.

And so you’re ready to launch your Hero and get the first 100 subscribers. All the Best!

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