On The Field App for Startups- Story #04

Managing field staff is no more a challenge.

On The Field- A Guest post by Hellobiz.online.

Every business comes with risks and challenges. Managing cash flow, people, resources are the few challenges to list down. When it comes to people, ensuring minimal employee lost time is the challenge. Moreover, studies in past few years have depicted that, most employers have serious concerns about what employees are doing on company time, as everybody wants to get value for money he spend and measurability. The scenario becomes worst, when you have field employees who are most of the time out of the office. If you are such an employer, now you may get peace of mind and operational convenience too, while managing your field staff as The Horizon Technologies have launched an app-based solution ‘On The Field’ this 15th August.

The promoters of The Horizon Technologies- Mayur (24) and Swapnil Dabhade (26) reported that they are getting huge response for On The Field from all over. On the launch of their new product- On The Field, our editorial team interviewed Mayur and Swapnil.

Startup Story- On The Field

Startup Story- On The Field

Interviewer: 1. What is On the Field?

Co founders: As the name suggests, On The Field offers operational convenience for managing field employees by means of real-time location tracking, meeting updates, order booking and consolidated client records. On The Field empowers companies to gain visibility and better control while managing their field staff.

Interviewer: 2. How did this idea come up?

Co founders: For marketing of one of our products, 360Track, we employed some 7-8 employees few months back and faced the challenge of managing them. Keeping records of their meetings, schedules, clients, etc. was really a challenging task. Eventually, we hired a manager! But still it was not getting sorted. We not only lost our money but the crucial time too.

This incident made us develop this app for the entire community of field employees, managers and employers which will offer easy solution at the most economical rate.

Interviewer: 3. How On The Field works?

Co founders: Employees are provided with an easy-to-use, interactive mobile application which captures and reports real time location data. Employees can submit meeting details and even book products for the clients. All the location data, meeting details and orders are synced online to the server and depicted in an admin panel, which can be accessed by the employer and manager. The admin panel provides consolidated information and the important insights. On The Field’s capabilities expand to Geo-tagged attendance, Meeting scheduling, Client record management and Employee performance analysis.

Interviewer: 4. Tell us more about the prelaunch campaign. We heard, it made whooping 1150+ prebookings.

Co founders: Yes, it was a well-planned and properly executed prelaunch campaign which we did through online media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp. Our experience and expertise in digital marketing helped us a lot and as expected we were able to fetch good business.

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Interviewer: 5. What are the key highlights of your product?

Co founders: Well, key highlights would be- Geo-tagged attendance, auto location capture, Meeting scheduling, Client location finder, Minutes of meeting, Paperless geo-tagged order booking, and Individual and group notices. All of these features offer operational convenience, work efficiency and peace of mind for employee, manager and the employer.

Interviewer: 6. How On The Field is going to help businesses?

Co founders: We would like to list few business advantaged of On The Field here:

a. Increase visibility; hence productivity: Real-time tracking of field staff increases visibility and accountability; hence enhances productivity.

b. Better control: Meeting scheduling, consolidated client records and centralized management offers better control.

c. Operational convenience: Cloud-based system helps centrally manage operations and streamline back office operations accordingly.

d. Cost efficiency: With real time tracking and automated reporting employee lost time is significantly reduced.

e. Better evaluation: Detailed reports, time sheets and AI based analytics & insight reports help assess what works better.

Interviewer: 7. Which business segments On The Field aims to cater?

Co founders: On The Field can benefit enterprises with large or small remote workers to optimally manage their workforce for better productivity and performance. Managers can keep an eye on their off-site employees, reduce field operating costs, easily share information, and improve scheduling and customer service. On The Field suits for every industry that handle field staff, including Sales, Service, Pharma, FMCG, Logistics & E-commerce, Facility Management, Security and Survey.

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Interviewer: 8. How expensive is On The Field solution, if someone wants to implement it?

Co founders: The primary goal while we developed On The Field, was to offer peace of mind and better control over the business for the employer. So, the cost model which we figured out is also in such a way as employer should not be burdened. We are following SAAS model wherein the employer pays per employee per month basis and the amount is just 1 to 3% of the employee salary!

Interviewer: 9. Don’t you think, tracking an employee sounds something negative?

Co founders: Absolutely not! On The Field is designed to offer operational convenience. If you look at our communication in the marketing campaigns, we are saying that the app is first of all to help employee, then the manager and then employer. It actually reduces work load on a field employee and makes them efficient by means of meeting scheduling, easy reporting, digital order booking and client records management

Interviewer: 10. What is the future roadmap for On The Field?

Co founders: To speed-up marketing and sales of the product we are appointing Sales Partners domestically and internationally. With this, we are looking to foray in 20+ countries within next few months and people are very much interested to take up this product for marketing in their respective regions.

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