The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing Hacks.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing Hacks.

Social Media Marketing Hacks

Social Media Marketing Hacks

How about a simple and effective way of promoting your startup with zero investment?

Doesn’t it sound like the toughest thing on earth?

No, it is possible. Social Media Management is the way to it. As we all know that Social Media is one of the most powerful weapon in today’s world but the only problem with most of the startups and entrepreneurs is that, they don’t know how to grow using Social Media Marketing.

In this post we’ll talk about some awesome Social Media Marketing Hacks that you can use for growing your startup in a very less time.

Social Media Marketing Hacks are not any kind of spell or something that you can do for your social media platforms rather it’s just some tips and tricks that you can use for getting more likes and tweets and hence drive more traffic to your website or blog.


9 Awesome Social Media Marketing Hacks-

Provide Social Share Buttons.


Have you notices the Scroll Social Buttons in our website?

You wont believe that how much shares has it been giving after we placed it. People like to share useful content on their social media pages. So if you want them to share your content, provide them the easiest way to do so at every step they move at your website.


Use Scheduling Tools.


Do you post and tweet all the time?

Not possible right, but Social Media is awake all the time around the clock. Use Buffer or HootSuite to do the job for you.

These tools are although not free but does provide a free version with limited features.


Use Easy to Share Images.


The whole Social Media is based on sharing and sharing. The more your content gets shared to more you get traffic to your website.

Images are the most likely to be shared and if you allow your viewers to share in an easy manner, they will share.


Allow your subscribers to share in the Emails.


You must be using Email Marketing to get more leads and stay in touch with your subscribers. Then do a thing allow them to tweet and share directly through your emails.


Try to Get a verified Twitter Account.


Have you seen the blue tick sign on twitter on some accounts. They are the verified accounts. Twitter has made it a really easy process to get a verified account (only if you are eligible). Just submit the from provided by Twitter and get a verified account.

Verified Accounts are most likely to get more retweets and likes.


Use best Timings to Post and Tweet.


Do a little digging before you schedule your posts and tweets. Try to find the best timings according to region and niche to post and tweet.

Check the timings that have the highest click through rates. Decide the most suitable timing and post or tweet accordingly.

Best timings to post on Facebook.

Best timings to Tweet.

Best Timings to share on Social Media

Social Media Marketing Hacks(


Share on Weekends.


This is a personal experience. We tend to get more like, retweets and followers on the weekends. Social Media never sleeps or take a break on holidays rather people are more active on the holidays and weekends. So be ready to post and tweet more often on the weekends and holidays.

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Use Visuals more than Texts.


Yes, people tend to shares images, infographics, memes and gifs more often than they share simple texts. Some people think that social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are mostly text sharing platforms but that’s not true.

Images attract more than simple texts do. So try to share visual items more than simple text or mixing both is the best option.


Use the right hashtags.


Hashtags are used everywhere and if you really wish to get more shares and likes use some good Hashtag strategies. Do a little digging and try to know more about the best Hastags for you according to your niche and lastly checkout the hashtags reach on social media.

Now that you are ready with the best Hashtags, post and tweet accordingly.


URL Shorteners.


You must be knowing about Twitter’s 140 characters long Tweets but do you need to more to add your links?

URL shorteners like and allows you to do the job.

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