The Ultimate Infographics Promotion Guide

The Ultimate Infographics Promotion Guide

The Ultimate Infographics Promotion Guide.

Infographics are the best way of telling people about a topic in a graphical manner. Make your Infographics go viral with this Infographics Promotion Guide.

You should know that 65% of people rely on visuals to understand a topic. Image, graphics, memes, GIFs go more viral than any other only text based content.

Infographics are great way of Online Marketing now a days. So if you need your content go viral you can rely on Infographics.

But do you know how to create it?

Do you know how to promote it?

In this post I will tell you about how to create a Viral Infographic.

The Ultimate Infographics Promotion Guide.


Now that you are familiar with infographics you need to know how to create it first.


Part I- Guide to Infographic Creation

Infographics are the visual representation. The content can be anything like Story, How to, Question, etc. But the first thing you need to know is what is the topic for your Infographic. You need to dig a little to know what your targeted customers or viewers want from you.

Generating an Idea

Go to Quora, find a topic that is related to your niche and you have some knowledge that you can share with your viewers.

The Ultimate Infographics Promotion Guide

Infographics Promotion Guide

Here is a question by some user regarding “How to do a Keyword research for SEO?”. Now it has around 73 answers. But all the answers are long and very less people will read the whole content.

People like to read short yet informative things and an Infographic is the best way of sharing information in an attractive manners.

Here we can create an Infographic that tells you “How to do a Keyword Research of your own?”.

Tip- You may also use the answers to make a note that you use later in your Infographic.

So you are ready with the idea and now you need to spill your mind out in an Infographical form.

Tools to Create your Infographic.

There are many free online tools that you can use to create your own Infographic like Canva, Piktochart, Visme, etc. They are all great but for some reasons I prefer Canva more than any of them because it is very convenient to use for first time users.

The Ultimate Infographics Promotion Guide

Infographics Promotion Guide

Part II-Infographic Promotion Guide

So you are ready with your Infographic now the next step is to promote your Infographic to reach as more as people it can.


5 Ways to Promote Your Infographic-


Infographic Directories-

There are several Infographic Directories that allows to share your Infographics for Free. These Infographic Directories are the simplest and the most worthiest way of sharing Infographics.

List of Infographic Directories to share your Infographics.


Post it on your own website-

Now everything needs a home then why not your Infographic? Give your Infographic a public exposure by uploading it to your own website.

Note- If you want to add your Infographic to Mashable you can’t upload it anywhere else.


Send Directly to your Subscribers-

Yeah, you can send it to your subscribers as well. Send it to your subscribers and they may also share them in their social media accounts.

This is another worthiest method of sharing an Infographic because your subscribers are already liking your content and they would love to share something that may seem useful to them.


Share it on your Social Media Accounts-

Why not using Social Media? Upload it on Social Media Platforms. Platforms that are especially for sharing visual content like Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, etc, they will help your Infographic to reach the bigger audience.


Send it directly to Bloggers of your niche-

Sending it to the bloggers of your own niche is a great way of reaching out their audience too. Just send a little mail to ask them if they wish to see the Infographic that is related to any of their posts and if they say yes just send them your Infographic.

Ask them if they can upload it on their website and send it to their subscribers as well. This may not work all the time but who knows and their is no harm in trying.

Guide to Infographics Promotion

Guide to Infographics Promotion






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